Principal Designers

Principal Designers

Boone Consultancy are experienced CDM advisors, and our exemplary service is tailored to meet the needs of all CDM duty holders. As part of our aim to ensure excellent customer service, our qualified CDM team will build a strong relationship with you as the duty holder and will be on-hand to offer advice and guidance throughout each stage of the construction project.

We plan, manage, monitor and implement Health & Safety during the design of your project and assist collating Pre-Construction information so that designers and contractors can carry out their duties safely with the correct information and the correct time.

In addition, following the Building Safety Act 2022 (Amendment Oct 2023) we also offer our Principal Designer services under this legislation. 

We plan, manage and monitor the design work alongside all designers during the design stage of the project. We coordinate matters relating to design work so that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the design of the building work would comply with all relevant requirements. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure, that work is planned, managed and monitored so that it is in compliance with all relevant BSA and Building Regulations requirements.

How We Can Help

Under CDM 2015 Regulations & BSA 2022 we offer the following services:

  • Principal Designer
  • Client Advisor
  • Principal Contractor’s Advisor
  • Health & Safety Advisor
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement Audits